Earn Money Without Selling

Become an R&P Artist and earn money from your painting without it ever leaving your home, or become a R&P Artist Host and join our team of host and earn even more money every time your painting is chosen for a party .


Earn money every time your painting is chosen.

Artist Host

Earn money every time you host a party.

Have artwork you would love to make money from but don’t want to sell it?

Wanna host a paint party but don’t have the supplies to do it?

Rhythm and Paint is the place you can do both. We will purchase the right to use your painting in our gallery for clients to choose from. Artist receive full credit and promotion for painting in order to help build the artist audience as well. We understand that sometimes the things we paint are worth money to someone, but we aren’t willing to part ways with it; now you don’t have to! You can let your art make money for you while still hanging up in your home. All you have to do is apply, submit your painting and either sit back and wait for the money to come in or promote and/or host your own parties through us.  Artist Host will have full access to all the supplies needed to host the perfect party without paying a rental fee for anything. You can also be a guest host, when we host our RNP Parties and get paid to assist while promoting your artwork.

Join the team today.